Faithwalk Suicide Safety Net

Welcome to Your Faithwalk

Faithwalk Suicide Safety Net

Welcome to Your Faithwalk

 We are always SAFE, always FREE, always CONFIDENTIAL, and you are accepted here as you are this moment. Just keep reading...

 We are always SAFE, always FREE, always CONFIDENTIAL, and you are accepted here as you are this moment. Just keep reading...

Your Faithwalk Begins Now

We're glad you are here!

You have reached a safe harbor, and you are not alone, nothing can harm you here.  Just keep reading and everything is going to be OK. 

PERIODICALLY, each time life becomes overwhelming, we can come to this website read and re-read the FAITHWALK STEPS and other information here, then...
     When you are ready, we have a saying with 5 parts:
            We say NO to Suicide,
            We accept that we are entering a Short FAITHWALK period in our life,
            We say YES to Life,
            We make it through our FAITHWALK period of difficulties, 

             and we find peace and happiness in the days to come.

Remember HELP is always available 24/7

If you need help, now is a good time to talk confidentially with someone who can help, about the things that may be causing problems or overwhelming you.  

  • This is the FREE U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number here:   18002738255.
  •  Professionals are available to talk to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  
  • This phone number will connect you to someone who can help at a certified crisis center nearest to where your call is placed.
  • This confidential suicide prevention hotline is available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress, and can provide crisis counseling and mental health referrals day and night. 
  • Translators are available speaking approximately 150 languages.

                       Otherwise please continue reading...

U.S. official National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 18002738255

The Next Steps

Please Read the information below

Next steps:  If you are not ready to make the call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline yet, then next pages contain very special information about the Faithwalk Steps, a special Faithwalk Poem and resources, that will initiate your path through these difficult times, back to happiness and a new future.  

Your value:  Your life is unique, one of a kind, and valuable to this world.  You will get through this, accomplish these Faithwalk Steps, get the help you need, and it will strengthen you, and the rewards will be immense, keep reading...

Your future:  You are being guided towards a future waiting for you ahead, filled with great opportunities, just out of your sight, you are moving towards it as you read this, just keep reading.

The gift:  Your life is a gift that has come to exist, through the faith, hope, and struggles of countless generations of your forefathers (and mothers).  The struggles experienced by your forefathers were not in vane or to be wasted, there is a special purpose for your existence, and the challenges you face in life will define your existence.  No matter what the belief system is, generations of people have survived by giving their troubles to GOD, then focusing on what they can accomplish together with other good people who care.

The connection: We are all connected, and it is important to understand how your struggle will unfold and may impact others, therefore: 

  • You can call for help now if you wish at: 1-800-273-8255
  • Or, please proceed to the Faithwalk Steps discussing your Faithwalk and begin preparing for your journey here:   

                                            FAITHWALK STEPS

Proceed to Your Faithwalk

Faithwalk Steps you will be taking during your current journey.

Faithwalk steps

Here are the steps you will be taking during your current journey to a better future.  As we repeat these steps again and again, the meaning will change and so will our life and circumstances.

Faithwalk Poem to help us contemplate challenges we will overcome.


This poem will help us step out of our current circumstances and contemplate the challenges we will overcome as we proceed towards a future that holds a special purpose for each of us. 

Multiple official U.S. resources to help you.


Explore official U.S. resources available for general people as well as the specific needs of youth, military, and victims who are struggling with something specific.