The Faithwalk Poem

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The Faithwalk Poem (pdf)


The Faithwalk Poem

A Poem of Faith, Hope, Love, & Sacrifice

Born out of experience ~ comes a deeper understanding ~
like it or not, foresight is always demanding.
A glimpse of the distance ~ tragedy will likely result ~
quickly closing my eyes yet I can’t blur it out.
Too painful the knowledge of what my loved ones must bear ~
the fairness of life seems lost ~ oh no, it never ends there…

Cruel and calculating seems Irony as it laughs in your face ~
while you struggle with doubt and not knowing your fate
While you are scared inside and your own heart is crushed ~
by unforeseen problems your life might seem lost.

It is truly hard to be strong ~ keeping loved ones hearts and minds safe ~
a selfless act has its price to pay.
To all those we love we are unable to explain ~ not without purpose, keep ignoring the pain ~ to fight in this task you’ve been unofficially named.
Big or small it’s all balanced the same ~
just like our foresight ~ short is our life ~ and sacrifice is never in vane.

In the right is this way to protect all those you love ~
knowing the importance of your efforts ~ you must follow the rules form Above.
No matter how this struggle may hurt ~ a special strength will result ~
hope the Maker will save you before it all falls apart.

Deeper yet comes misfortune ~ foresight falls to blindness again ~
my path disappearing as it was born ~ only Faith can mend.
Now I cry out “I have lost my way, what good is strength while I’m unable to see!”

The path forward fades and my mind feels so weak.
How did my forefathers sustain these burdens and regrets to bear ~
will my problems subside ~ will they feel less heavy in time ~
will nothing be my result of trying

Just before the fall the answer always appears~
we are loved by the fairest of All Making ~
always watching over us ~ we are caught before breaking.

All we can do now ~ is cast our faith to The One ~
working with us all as we are ~ our foresight is reborn, and a new direction is begun.
Some presume unnecessarily without taking due heed ~ working as intended we never fail ~
understanding is the Maker of our TRUE needs ~ in them we will prevail.

Struggles faced in life are a choice~ It is all part of the plan ~
Wish an end not too soon and you will see ~ such a short time to learn~
there is beauty and happiness in life yet to loose and who knows what could be.
Like a phoenix, GOD will renew you, as you rise again you will see~
friendship and prosperity will be upon you, yet further then…
you will be glad that this day was not the end.

Recognizing you were blessed, then ask less for yourself ~
but give thanks and ask how to repay this renewed love and good health.
Together one day we will be with the One Above ~
the unfairness and injustice of the world ~ we will all finally be free ~
struggle and foresight will then be obsolete.

Until Your Last Day Comes to You…
Cherish life as a gift ~ hold it tight as you can ~
dreams may come true ~ blind faith is rewarded ~
the Maker always knows exactly what is right for you.

Go now and live life to the fullest ~ have faith and love beyond self ~
the borders immense ~ and rewards beyond wealth.

You are not alone, GOD looks down vast corridors of time and knows your pain, give your worries over to GOD, then Call Toll Free 1-800-273-8255, where people are waiting to talk to you, and together, focus on what can be accomplished.

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