The Faithwalk Steps

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What is the DEFINITION of a “Faithwalk?”

A Faithwalk is a Journey of faith through a difficult time.

What is the PURPOSE of a Faithwalk?

All Faithwalks are tailored differently, specific for each individual…
But generally it tests us of our vices, brings us closer to God,
teaches us something, and reminds us all of our finest virtues.
The purpose of the poem “Faithwalk” is different for each individual’s life as well. 

What are the "STEPS" that usually happen during a Faithwalk?

  • 1st There is a “Trial” which is a problem or danger that presents itself at a special time.
  • 2nd There is a period of “acknowledgement” that the trial has begun, like it or not, we must face it.
  • 3rd The fight begins that will demand all our physical and mental capacity and usually some “sacrifice” from us.
  • 4th Alone we will loose and experience “failure and doubt.”
  • 5th The Realization will occur to us that we must call upon God and other people to help us.
  • 6th  Successful completion of your Faithwalk will bring you feelings of  appreciation for God, for those who helped you, and feelings of peace.
  • 7th Understanding what to do in future trials throughout life will most likely result if you are observant enough. 

What are the RESULTS of completing a Faithwalk?

Usually we gain understanding, kindness, strength, wisdom, and closeness to God.
Some changes may occur within ourselves, we may gain the ability to help others through their Faithwalks in life.

When will a Faithwalk OCCUR in our lives?

Only God Knows, however it is likely that our entire life is a series of Faithwalks…
with some trials being beautiful ones and very simple,
some moderate and confusing, and some very difficult or painful.
It is unlikely that any of us will get through life without facing some kind of Faithwalk. 

How do we know if we will be able to ENDURE a Faithwalk?

There are alternative options all around us, we have but to choose to live and to try, and people will help us. You have demonstrated blind faith by considering this message and you have been guided towards people who will help you through this period of your life.

Keep walking forward in faith by choosing to continue your journey toward infinite future opportunities.  You are not alone, thousands before you have been in crisis,
they likely called the National Toll Free Lifeline phone number here:  1-800-273-8255
and worked together with people who care.  

In time problems are worked out, and second chances happen every day.
If you are having a crisis and need help, please call now and receive help to get your life back on track to happiness.

Proceed to the Faithwalk Poem to Contemplate these Steps

Faithwalk Poem to contemplate your journey.


This  poem will help us step out of our current circumstances and contemplate the challenges we will overcome as we proceed towards a  future that holds a special purpose for each of us. 

Other helpful resources


Explore official U.S. resources available for general people as well as the  specific needs of youth, military, and victims who are struggling with  something spec

U.S. official National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  

National Lifeline

Call:  1-800-273-8225